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The prospective buyer first

Prospective buyers and sellers normally find each other on This means that the housing market still works according to old-fashioned principles. This hardly occurs in our society, so why should it remain this way when it’s about your home?! That is why it is time for demand-driven brokerage. Guidan stands for innovation where the buyer’s interest comes first.

With Guidan’s unique approach, the profession is regaining its shine. Brokerage is about people’s interest and their wishes regarding their home. We delve into what you really find important and we are eager to get to work for you. Sign up and you will see that we really do things differently.

Aankoopmakelaar Gemeente Voorst

Guido Leerkes

I am Guido and I’m the founder of Guidan buyer agents. I have been working in real estate for over 15 years and have been active as an entrepreneur for almost 7 years. Guidan buyer agents has been part of Van den Belt real estate agents since January 1, 2023. This has not changed anything for our clients. The buyer’s interest is still our number one priority. Our unique approach allows us to go much further than a regular real estate agency. I notice that I am still enthusiastic every day when customers can purchase their ideal home. The advisory role we fulfil as buyer agents is becoming increasingly important. Whether it concerns help with the search, our architectural assessment, the value indication or the bidding strategy, in every purchase, in every phase, I try to use my knowledge and experience with the aim of a successful purchase. In addition to my work, I am the father of 2 children and I often volunteer on the football field as a trainer for my children. I also enjoy running and play volleyball for fun.

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