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Your new house in 7 steps!

Every morning, we dive into the newly announced houses from our fellow real estate agents. That means that you’re often aware of newly announced houses before they’re even on Funda! Discover the 7 steps to the house of your dreams and create a free profile on our inventive search engine.

Seek and find

Do you always want to be sure that you are quickly informed on the latest offers? Needless to say! We keep you informed on a daily basis (in real time) of all the latest offers and we also look outside the box.


Together with you, we’ll thoroughly view and assess the home. You from the perspective of a potential buyer and we as an independent, critical buying agent. With our years of experience, we know better than anyone where to look for in terms of possible constructional flaws.


Besides our critical look on location, we will also look into the legal aspects. Think of cadastral research, zoning plans in the area and the soil conditions. That way there won’t be any surprises for you.


Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t negotiated very often in order to buy a house. We did! With our experience, we will negotiate so you’ll be able to buy your new house on the most favourable terms. We stand for your interests!

Purchase agreement

We will show you the way through the maze of complicated legal texts and ensure that all of the agreements made are properly recorded in the purchase agreement. Naturally, we take the time to explain everything well and clearly to you.

Deed of transfer

YES, today is the day that you’ll receive the key to your new home. We will be present this day as well so we can check the condition of the house together with the sellers one last time. We will check with you if the house will be delivered to you in the condition as stated in the purchase agreement. After the quick check, you can go to the notary to sign the final contracts and to receive the key.

100% service

Even after the deed of transfer at the notary, we’ll be there for you if you have any questions or uncertainties. Our help doesn’t end as soon as you receive your key.

Free search profile

Are you done with always being too late with booking a viewing? Or are you having trouble with finding the right house that suits your wishes? Take matters into your own hands and ask Guidan to help you!

Get familiar with our unique platform and test it for two weeks for free to see if it matches your expectations. After the two weeks, it will automatically stop. We won’t charge you any costs.


Would you like to secure the services of a buying agent?

When we’ve found a suitable house for you, we will also guide you in the rest of the steps regarding a purchase. Check out our packages and rates!


Where is your new house?

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