Guidan Aankoopmakelaar

Approach and rates

What does Guidan do?

Spotted a house and you would like a buying agent to advise you? Then you’re already at the right place. Given the fact that we know the Stedendriehoek like the back of our hands and we always represent the interests of you as a buyer, we can advise you independently to achieve the desired results.

Even if you spotted a house that’s not (yet) for sale, we can still accompany you. Our approach is transparent and open. With our 3 packages, you choose how much guidance you’d prefer. Whether you are new on the housing market or whether you’re about to buy your second or maybe third house, we will have a package that meets your wishes!

Aankoopmakelaar Guidan

Check out our 3 packages

Novice package

€ 1.995

The solution for newcomers on the housing market. Sharp rate, maximum support, maximum results

Full-service package

€ 2.795

Always a specialist at hand. Independent, architecturally skilled, flexible and experienced

Premium package

from € 2.950

Unlimited viewings, includes the notary costs, more than a buying agent. Rate on request

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