Guidan Aankoopmakelaar

Full-service package

An expert buyer agent who really helps you on the housing market

As a buyer agent, we’ll accompany you during viewings, give you advice on possible constructional flaws, determine a realistic market value, look at the legal aspects, share our thoughts with you and negotiate on behalf of you. By putting your interests at heart, we’ll make sure that the seller sees a potential buyer in you. With all our years of experience, we know where to find possible risks and because our office is small, you’ll always be assured of easy access to contact one of our colleagues.

What can you expect from us?

  • Be the first one to receive the newest offers
  • Innovative search engine where you can interactively state your wishes
  • We try to get an appointment for you as fast as possible. Due to our network, we’re often able to get extra options for making an appointment.
  • We accompany you during the viewings
  • Our years of experience make us able to take a critical look at possible construction flaws
  • We determine a realistic value of the house, being completely independent while doing it
  • We look into the legal aspects around the house
  • We discuss the negotiation strategy together with you
  • We negotiate on behalf of you
  • After reaching an agreement, we’ll make sure that everything will be stated correctly in the purchase agreement
  • On the day of the deed of transfer, we accompany you during the final check of the house to see if everything will be delivered according to the agreement
  • Even after the deed of transfer, we’re there for you if you have questions or other uncertainties

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What does the package include?

The full-service package costs €2.795,- including VAT. What you get from us:

  • 4 viewings
  • Start-up costs of €95,-, included in the package rate
  • Advice on financial advisors so you can get the perfect mortgage
  • For every extra viewing, we will charge €150,- including VAT

Sometimes, we get a request for guidance on just one specific house. That means that you’ve come along a house for which you’d like to get some one time guidance from a buyer agent. Of course, we also want to stand by your side in such a situation. For one time guidance, we often work on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis. When the purchase is successful, we’ll charge a rate of €2.250,- including VAT.